At SNJ Ventures, we pride ourselves on our team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are experts in a wide range of industries and business ventures. Our focus is on providing exceptional investment opportunities and strategic partnerships that drive growth and success for both our portfolio companies and our investors. Whether you’re an established corporation or an emerging startup, we have the expertise and results-driven mindset that you need on your side to achieve your business goals.

Seed and early-stage funding

SNJ Ventures provides financial support to entrepreneurs and startups in their early stages of development.

Networking opportunities

SNJ Ventures provides access to its extensive network of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors, helping its portfolio companies to expand their reach and grow their businesses.

Growth capital

SNJ Ventures provides additional funding to established businesses that are looking to expand their operations.

Exit strategies

SNJ Ventures helps its portfolio companies to develop and execute successful exit strategies, such as mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPOs), and other means of generating value for investors.


SNJ Ventures has built a strong reputation as a trusted partner for businesses across Africa and beyond. With a focus on technology investments and other profitable ventures, SNJ Ventures has worked with a variety of trusted brands and high-level engagements in various industries. From financial services to healthcare and beyond, SNJ Ventures has a track record of successfully partnering with top-performing companies to help them achieve their full potential. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing businesses in Africa and other continents, and we leverage our extensive network and expertise to drive success for our partners. We are proud to be a trusted partner for businesses looking to grow and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.



Tinashe Jambo

Tinashe Jambo is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and CEO/partner of SNJ Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on technology startups and other profitable ventures. With over  10years of experience in the tech industry and entrepreneurship. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Cape Town, and is committed to supporting entrepreneurship for economic growth and positive social impact.

Founder & Board Chair

Esther Saidi-Nitze

Esther Saidi Nitze is an accountant who holds an Accounting degree and minor in finance from American University (USA). She also is a CPA with over 8 years of experience at the big 4 and banks and holds a masters degree in fInance. Her experience ranges from broker-dealers, private equity, management companies, 401k’s, non profits, hedge funds etc. In her spare time she enjoys private trading and reading. 



Our Partners have expertise in:

Accounting, Finance, Software development, Data Analytics, Engineering Design 

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